Rest assured that your online business stays online and protected from DDoS attacks. Cloudbrick completely blocks DDoS attacks at 3,4,7 tiers up to 20 Tbps*.

*Note: When used with CDN service

  • L3/L4 Response

    • Protect all customers from common and most frequent infrastructure (tier 3 and 4) attacks such as SYN/UDP floods and reflex attacks to support the high availability of applications

    • Managed services that protect running web applications from Denial Distributed of Service (DDoS) attacks

  • instance optimization

    • Improved network bandwidth and performance over traditional brick WAFs

    • Ideal for compute-intensive applications utilizing high-performance processors

    • Designed to deliver fast performance for workloads that handle large data sets in memory

  • kernel-level tuning

    • Tune to settings that are more optimized for DDoS, such as changing parameters at the kernel level
    • Reduce server load and optimize DDoS
    • Tune values continuously during trial

  • Immediate Rejection Specific Failover

    • Automatically check the status of your application and route user traffic to a normal application endpoint

    • If the status changes or configuration updates, DDoS defenses respond immediately and route the user to the next available endpoint

Defensive logs

See real-time attacks