purpose of use

By using the proxy IP, it is possible to quickly and easily access domains that were previously blocked due to blocking, pages with country blocking settings, etc. through IP change, and it is excellent in security.
Also, when accessing the domain, you can check immediately whether the problem is caused by the IP or not.

Service fee information

Forward Proxy

When a client requests a resource from a server, it goes through a proxy server instead of making a direct request. In this case, the server doesn’t know who the client is because the IP it receives from the server is the proxy sub’s IP, not the client’s. In other words, it hides who the client is from the server.

  • Security

    Using a proxy server has the ability to hide your IP from both the client and the server.

    You can protect against hacking by hiding the IP of the real server or client and revealing only the IP of the proxy server.

  • Performance

    Use a proxy server to improve performance due to caching capabilities and traffic distribution

    The caching facility caches and reuses the same frequently used requests.

    How to reduce the server’s resource usage by not calling back to the real server and having the proxy server return a response instead

  • Traffic

    Some proxy servers also provide load balancing, distributing traffic from servers if you have multiple distributed servers.

    You can set which server to call per endpoint (URL), so you can distribute the server’s traffic according to its role.

Below is an example of an assumption when an IP is blocked on a site called ntrx.com. This is called a forward proxy.

Before application (blocked)

After application

How to set

How to set up windows

In Settings – Network & Internet – Proxy – Manual proxy settings, enter the IP and save it.

You can see that the IP has been changed.

How to set up Linux

1.First, check the IP with curl ifconfig.me

2. Enter the proxy IP and port in the command below and proceed with the change.

export http_proxy=”IP:port”

You can see the changes immediately.

3. It can be easily restored.

When restoring, it is restored with unset http_proxy.