What is a web firewall?

A web firewall is a service to prevent security incidents such as web hacking caused by a security vulnerability in a web source, unlike a firewall or IDS/IPS service.

In order to fundamentally address security incidents such as web hacking caused by web source vulnerabilities, it is difficult to do so, but it can be quite daunting for small and medium-sized businesses. Web firewall services are services that, based on application layer (Layer 7) analytics and normalization techniques, monitor traffic to the HTTP/HTTPS protocol to detect illegal attacks and block them before they reach a customer’s Web server.

The Web site is a key point connecting businesses and customers, open to all users 365″24 hours a day. However, this means that all sites are exposed to all external attacks. In particular, as the web becomes more common, the target of hacking incidents is also focused on websites.

Handling products and product features


DeepFinder ensures 100% SSL visibility with cloud web firewalls that can be deployed in a variety of environments, from on-premises to public and hybrid clouds. It is a web firewall that supports autoscaling and is resistant to web service speed and availability, and has recently been adopted by many companies that have moved to the cloud environment.

Product features


Cloud Optimization

· Support for various cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Aliyun, G Cloud, Xen Server, etc.)
· Immersible Infra (Docker, Vagrant, AWS AMI, ECS, BeanStalk, CloudFormation, etc.)
· Auto Scaling support (automatic expansion/deletion of solutions)


· Secure filtering of traffic that web servers have decrypted

· Analyze encryption traffic without sacrificing speed and performance
· No certificate renewal and management required


convenient management

· Integrated management regardless of physical location, network configuration, or cloud environment of web servers worldwide
· Account management by tenant in a multi-tenancy environment
· Automatically generate and send security reports
· Install/modify/delete service non-disruptive agent


Quickly and easily secure

· Deployment without changing existing network configuration
· Applies regardless of IDC environment, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, BPaaS, etc.
· No issues such as upgrading, renewing licenses, etc. because there is no limit to maximum traffic
· No need for High Availability

Product key features

  • The DeepFinder filter is installed within the Web server and the Web server performs its own security actions.
  • There is no difference in the security of proxy/network webfirewalls, and various security policy templates can be selected and modified to suit your needs.
  • OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS 6.6 Requirements, NIS 8 Vulnerability Response
  • Security policies can be applied to public software (zero board, technote, gnoboard, public shopping mall, blog, etc.)
  • File forgery, new file creation inspection, etc.
  • Change file extensions to detect and block bypass attacks that you upload
  • Web Application DoS attacks, indiscriminate confrontations, and dictionary attacks detection and blocking
  • Allow and block access to web services for specific IPs (white/black IP settings)
  • Additional security pattern updates to respond to new attacks immediately
  • Real-time Health Check for websites in service
  • Provide multidimensional analysis reports on real-time log tracking and web attacks

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