We recruit employees from Japanese corporation JP-Hosting.

Recruitment inquiries, reception

job introductionqualification requirementrecruitment procedureEmployment Types, Salaries and Welfare Matters
  • Network operations and maintenance, security system management
  • server management, client OS installation
  • Monitoring, OP, etc.
  • a man of active character and sincere character.
  • Japanese English Preferential Service
  • born in 1991 or younger
  • document screening
  • Document Inspection and Notification
  • interview screening
  • Submitted documents: resume and cover letter
  • (Korean or Japanese, photo-attachment)
  • Three months probationary staff (full-time employee after probation)
  • Over 250,000 yen on full-time pay, social insurance, performance-based pay
  • visa issuance
  • Payment of transportation expenses (regular ticket)
  • Lunch and dinner (pay with company card)
  • paid leave system for the first and second half of the year
  • e-mail: idc@jp-hosting.jp