• We offer a file/SQL backup service from Acronis Cyber Backup, a professional backup company.
  • The service is the easiest and fastest backup solution to protect Microsoft SQL Server clusters, servers, and databases. Acronis Cyber
  • Backup, a feature-rich, touch-friendly web-based management console, is the state-of-the-art SQL Server backup software available today, with Acronis’s unique technology to protect and easily transfer data.


Complete business protection

Back up source disk imaging
Protect your entire business with a complete, trusted backup image of your entire system, files, or data. Store on a variety of storage devices, including local disks, network storage, and cloud. Easily recover entire images or selected files, folders, items, and applications.

Clustered SQL Support
By default, the entire infrastructure is protected and best practices are followed by backing up SQL Server clusters from passive nodes or selecting an active/specific node to perform backups.

Log truncation
Automatic transaction log cutting reduces the risk of downtime and at the same time does not run out of local disk storage on the database server.

Complete SQL Server Backup
Reduce RTO and simplify recovery with full Microsoft SQL Server backup, including operating system, database, setup, and configuration.

Intuitive, scalable management

Centralized Web Management Console
Reduce IT workloads with easy-to-touch, web-based management consoles. Reduce RTOs by allowing access to the Web console from any device, including tablets.

Role-based administration access
Advanced IT can protect remote offices, branches, and departments with the ability to manage, delegate, and set up roles for multiple administrators.

Customizable dashboard
AdvancedCustomizable dashboard helps you quickly gain insight into your infrastructure by reducing time to action and quickly resolving problems.

Advanced Reporting
Improve infrastructure resiliency with regular, customizable reports focused on advanced infrastructure exceptions.

Innovative data protection

Protects data and systems against ransomware attacks and proactively avoids recovery needs by detecting and preventing suspicious changes to data, backup files, and backup applications.

Block chain ensures backup reliability and integrity as compliance and recovery improves.

Advanced, proprietary block chains use signatures to support file reliability, reducing misunderstandings with users, suppliers and customers.

strong encryption
Improves data security by fundamentally applying AES-256 encryption, which is non-changeable with encrypted passwords, to backup and data security.

Flexible storage options

Local disk, NAS, SAN
Support for local and network-based disk storage without having to deploy backup or media servers reduces RTOs for individual computers and speeds up individual recovery.

Tape drives, autoloaders, and tape libraries
Support advanced media management, tape rotation, and archiving rules to store backups on local or central tape devices to meet regulatory requirements and disaster recovery requirements.

Store backups in one of more than 14 secure and trusted Acronis Cloud data centers to recover from any disaster and control the location of the data.

variable block size deduplication
Reduce disk storage capacity utilization and network bandwidth requirements and protect more systems with advanced efficient, resource-friendly inline and global deduplication.
World's Fastest Recovery

Bare Metal Recovery
Restore entire systems from reliable, proven disk image backups without having to reinstall or reconfigure operating systems, applications, or settings to minimize costly downtime and simplify recovery.

Achieve RTOs in less than 15 seconds by starting Windows or Linux backups directly from storage to VMware VMs without having to move proprietary data.

Enhanced Sandbox Environment Validation
Validate backup content with Advanced Checksum and automatically run backups as VMs to verify recoverability, and perform a service availability check with predefined custom scripts to determine whether the recovery was successful.

Flexible database recovery
Reduce RTOs by restoring databases immediately from Acronis Backup 12.5 (restoring through restore), restoring them to backup (restore without restore), or restoring them from read-only mode. No additional settings are required.

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